Northbrook Lyons Falls, LLC is the owner of the Kosterville and the Gouldtown hydro facilities on the Moose River and of the Lyons Falls Mill hydro facility on the Black River. The three facilities are operated by an affiliate of Kruger Energy Inc. that specializes in the development, management and operation of renewable energy facilities in the United States and Canada.

NBLF and Kruger Energy are part of Kruger Inc., which was founded in 1904 and is a major North American manufacturer of industrial and consumer products, including publication papers, tissue products, lumber, containerboard and corrugated packaging, renewable energy, and wines and spirits.

In addition to wind power, biomass cogeneration and landfill gas energy plants, Kruger Energy and Kruger Inc. manage more than 30 hydroelectric sites in the United States and Canada for a total installed capacity of over 545 MW.